Be the Girl


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    Something less stressing like The Simple Wild and Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker after many years, the author has tried almost every form of literature over the years. Lucky for Tucker the result of the experiment was always a success.

    Be the Girl

    We have seen suspense, murders and love at first sight in author’s work and now another beautiful creation. Aria wants to get rid of her past because things did not go well with her all her life and now she wants a new beginning. A good start can change her future but for this she has to keep her past hidden because it can ruin her life at any instant.

    Her new residence proves fruitful for her because she gets Cassie as her next door neighbor and being affected by autism Cassie can bring no harm for Aria. Also there is a bright chance that Cassie might introduce Aria to her brother Emmett with whom she can develop a relation other than friendship.

    Be the Girl

    So the stage is set for her to flourish in this new life but the evil of the past haunts her still. She knows that if her true identity is revealed all of this would be lost and she would have to start all over once again with a new name and place. Tension is in the air that Katie Schorr narrates precise and accurate.

    Once we start the story we want to listen to it in quick pace because we want to know what Aria is hiding from all of us and why is the person after her not allowing her to get settled in life.

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