The Wolf Gift



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Anne Rice gained a lot of fame from her vampire stories especially the vampire chronicle series but here she shifts gear all at once and writes romance dished up in paranormal activities. It has been the tendency of the writer to add feeling to the world that usually looks less human in literature on most occasions. The tale of the werewolves is created in a new way and a new realm is introduced like always.

The Wolf Gift

The writer does not go to the past; the story starts in the present and the novel opens in Northern California as a young reporter goes to an old woman’s house that she wants to sell as quickly as possible. The same night the young man is bit by a creature that he cannot see and thus the transformation starts. He is first horrified but later he comes to know that he has been blessed with a gift i.e he can turn into a wolf at night. Prince Lestat and Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis other books by the same writer also had the same type of theme in them as in those books vampires were in the human world and now we have werewolves.

The young reporter develops to like the dual nature of his physical body but at the same time media teams from all over the world are on his hunt now. They want to make him a lab rat and he on the other hand wants to help the human race through the gift that he possesses. Ron McLarty narrates without any up and downs in the pitch even the sensational scenes are depicted in any easy and less taxing way.



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