The Revelators


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Ace Atkins comes to this tenth novel in style, Quinn Colson after facing many things and surviving at last gets a bullet. Luckily the bullet didn’t catch him in the head or heart and he survived. But the damage has been done; there is a new sheriff in the town in Quinn’s absence directly appointed by the governor. As Quinn tries to make himself stand once again by the help of his wife, the new sheriff in the meantime makes his grip stronger on the town. This is what the governor wanted because he was the one behind everything.

Vardaman the new governor not only heads the state but he has a Crime Empire of his own which he protects legally now. With no help from the police department Quinn makes important contacts with his old friends like the US Marshal Lillie Virgil and he makes a plan to get rid of all this once again. It is not the first time Quinn is going to try all this, he made efforts in The Forsaken and The Redeemers but never accomplished the task.

The Revelators

Here there is a chance that he would succeed because he is totally cornered and fighting is the only way of survival. Then his nephew has also disappeared because of all this mess and he has to find him no matter what.

The book is rightly back to one narrator i.e MacLeod Andrews the previous experiment did not have a positive impact on the impression of the series. MacLeod singles handedly can produce enough variety in the voice that it proves sufficient for the whole story in all the situations.


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