The Shameless


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    Quinn as a child heard about Brandon Taylor as a boy who shot himself at an early age because he was frustrated by life. There were conspiracies about the murder that Quinn never understood in those days. Now as a sheriff two men from New York force him to reopen the case for a thorough investigation. As a man always standing for the truth and justice he just cannot say no and thus the case is reopened. Quinn’s wife also knows a thing or two about the boy because he was her friend in those days.

    But as it happens in Ace Atkins stories the hiding evil suddenly comes from all side to pounce on the innocent, in this story too several people start to interfere. For Quinn it is not the first time Tibbehah and its people have tried to hide a crime which he has to investigate. Lawlessness, drug cartels, child abuse and issues of racism have made everything look so terrible over the years and now this murder shakes the city to the core.

    The Shameless

    More and more evidence comes to light and the sheriff and his crew tries to find the missing files that have disappeared from the police station. People from the police station are perhaps included just like The Fallen and The Sinners and this all makes one thing clear i.e the reality of the case was twisted from the beginning.

    Tough investigation by the officers but in this story too justice prevails in the end, though it was late but still justice was served. Variety is tried in narration MacLeod Andrews is joined by Romy Nordlinger, Joy Nash, Emily Rankin, Frankie Corzo and Erin Spencer. But this was not necessary, series was going fine with MacLeod and such experiments just make the impact terrible.

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