The Redeemers

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Quinn Colson after serving the Jericho well knows one thing i.e it is not a place for sincere and devoted officers. Unlike his uncle he is not planning to commit a suicide rather he has bigger plans before leaving the job. Quinn not an aged man has seen monsters in the episodes The Lost Ones and The Ranger especially the last attack on his character and prestige really hurt him.

Now that conspiracy that started against him has strengthen its grip and he is out of his job forever. Job as a sheriff was not the last job that he was left with but it was his passion and this time he wants vengeance from those who have made his dreams shatter. Johnny Stagg wants to pull him out of all this but Quinn before disappearing from the scene wants to pull a job of his own too. Johnny Stagg holds all the illegal businesses in his claw and Quinn wants to destroy his firm grip that he has been keeping for decades.

Not an easy task to do if you are out of job and don’t have the badge that would allow you to inspect every matter but it also lets you lose to do anything without considering the law. Looks like with this book the author ends the first half of the series, Quinn’s missions in Jericho are over and he might go to someplace else where he would be needed. This is the last time we listen to Brain d’Arcy James voice in the narration because he too is released from duties after this fifth book of the series.

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