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    A wonderful science fiction thriller by D.J. Molles after a rather longish period of time touches us right to the core as come to know about an alien entity named Johnny. Johnny is not its real name and though it appears like a human being it has nothing in common with the humans.

    The very moment this creature opens its eyes it slaughters six of the fines cops of the city. In a way that is not at all human and neither it could be defined by any human. The dead bodies found were also in a rather precarious state with no wound from any weapon or tool.

    The human character in the novel is Aubrey St. James who rescued Johnny from the river in the first place and brought her to the land. As she thought that he was an ordinary human and because of this act she now finds herself locked in a cell. She does not know the location of this government black site thus there is no escape for her.


    The character of Johnny, on the other hand, is rather a complex one as we cannot comprehend at the start and almost up to the middle that whether he is a positive force or a villain.

    In appearance, he proves to be a person who just wants to go home but after fulfilling the task that is assigned to him by his people. Marc Vietor’s narration is one of a kind especially related to this book and the whispering tone really plays a unique role in most scenes.

    The description of the locations is a bit similar to The Remaining and Southlands but overall the story is completely a new thing and is written in such a way that we can expect another part coming quite soon.

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