Pale Demon


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    Internal conflicts and psychological problems are not the primary concern for the Witch who has betrayed her own race by entering into the world of black magic. But all that was for the revenge that she wanted so much that she was ready to destroy her own life in the process. Now she realizes that she cannot live under the shadows of fear all the time and the group that can help her is her own clan.

    The last opportunity approaches in which she can prove that she was never guilty at all of entering into the world of black magic. The time for the annual meeting of the witches is near and if she gets the time to have her say then there is a meager chance that the fellow witches will once again accept her as one of them. Not as easy as it appears because she has the king of disasters following her and her powers might not be enough. Her only strength for which she is famous is the demon that she possesses within but it will not be able to save her skin this time.

    Pale Demon

    She has the elf and the vampire with her but the war is becoming bigger the demon now has the ability to walk in the day time, everything is perishing very soon unless they solve the problem first. You got to increase the volume a little for this one, Marguerite Gavin is not like Black Magic Sanction and  White Witch, Black Curse in this chapter. The author Kim Harrison wanted to present this specific chapter in a slow and low tone and the narrator just followed.

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