Black Magic Sanction


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    Kim Harrison dipped Rachel in hell and then when she was soaked in the demon world the author brought her back from it. Returned safely from a place from which no one returns the White Witch is also not the same what she used to be in For a Few Demons More and The Outlaw Demon Wails. She is now under a curse and haunted by her past which she never thought about before. The life goes on for the Witch who hunts the vampires and the werewolves alike without any remorse.

    In her different quests and struggles she has always kept her head high and won each time whether the enemy was a demon from hell. The books never told her about the true origin of this beautiful but dangerous one of a kind Witch. Now the one who stands against her is just like her, it’s like fighting one’s own shadow, a fight none can win.

    Black Magic Sanction

    Then there are threats like life imprisonment for her and if she wants to get out of the mess the options are not too much awesome. All the relations with the vampires and demons that she had can cost her heavy if she turns to them again. The time of making a choice is now for the Witch who has no place among the Witches even.

    Rejected from all sides the independent creature has survived up till now and is looking to march on. Powerful words come in a powerful pitch of Marguerite Gavin the one narrator who has decorated the most part of the series by the astonishing voice and fluency.

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