The Walking


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    Living beings are in trouble, the humans are losing their lives and the dead are turning out to be something which is quite difficult to explain. In such condition the life has become one hell of a scene for the survivors. The cause of the condition and the main character behind all it is unknown so it is like fighting a ghost. Bentley Little has remained successful in creating a scenario like that in Gloria and The Policy.

    The Walking

    No one could have drawn this situation better than Bentley. The author seems to have a magic touch and with its help everything changes like a flash. The dead in this novel are walking aimlessly on the face of the earth and perhaps they do have a goal but it is not known to the humans. Many have lost their loved ones in this manner but Miles Huerdeen is not ready to forget what has happened to his father.

    Miles’ father has become one of the Walkers and he now walks on the face of the earth like a zombie. These Walkers are actually going to a particular place which no one wants to know about but Miles is a different case. Miles starts following them and soon he comes to know that he is actually going to a hellish place but returning without his father and the answer which he has been looking for is something which is not possible for thus young man.

    The time to decide comes a little too quickly and Miles takes the brave step forward. John Pirhalla could have given a sad tone to the story but he was aiming at making it an iconic tale so he has delivered it in high note.

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