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Elantris i.e the land that was once governed by strong rulers and now it changes into a nightmare after the curse falls on the land. The curse has caused those rulers with a lot of physical strength to come down on their knees. The past glory is nowhere to be seen and each of the strong figures is somehow a prisoner within himself. No one for decades has been successful to break the curse and now a young prince emerges to the throne who has a strong personality.

This young prince also falls a prey to the curse but he is not like others rather he decides to put an end to all of this pain which has broken many legends of the past. So the prince starts his first legendary quest to find the solution of the problem which has troubled the people of Elantris for a long time. First thing which he had to do was to get to the root of the problem and find out who the enemy is that has caused such destruction.


Slowly at every step the prince confronts new enemies and also finds new friends that help him on his way. Brandon Sanderson, the author of this story is not the kind of writer who opens up all the secrets at the start of the story. Lux and The Way of Kings forced the listeners to dig deep into things in order to find the secrets buried in the stories

. Here the secret is not deeply buried but there are several connections of the characters which arouse mystery and gives a chilly feeling to the audience. The mind of the listener gets into a grove where it gets prepared to absorb any kind of unusual happening in the story. Jack Garrett with his clear tone and superb accent mesmerizes everyone listening to this already engaging novel.


The Walking

The Emperor’s Soul


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