Watership Down


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    Watership Down is a book written by Richard Adams. It is a British Literature Classic, which promises to give you a good literary time with some fine writing by the author. The author is blessed with some really amazing literary writing skills, which are worth having a go at. A couple of recommended books by the author are Shardik and The Plague Dogs. The book itself is part 1 of a series with the same title as the subject volume, Watership Down. In its audiobook, you will be impressed with the outstanding performance of Peter Capaldi with his strong and reasonably stern voice.

    Watership Down is one of the most lovable story of our time. It is an epic and an inspiring journey of courage, adventure and survival.

    The story revolves around Fiver, who can sense danger. He was almost sure that something really terrible is just going to materialize to the warren. They had no option other than to leave immediately. Fiver surely had felt it. It was then when a perilous and a long journey began of struggle and survival, which was for a small group of rabbits.

    Watership Down

    As the rabbits in the band sensed danger virtually at every turn, we became much more acquainted with the band and all of its humorous characters as well. We also had a good time knowing the compelling culture, which is absolutely complete with its own specific mythos and folk history. The vision of Fiver at last leads them all to their ultimate destination, which is an upland meadow named Watership Down. But, here they all came across their most crucial and daunting of all challenges.

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