Radio Silence


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    Nothing goes according to the routine or as expected in Alice Oseman’s series. Alice changes the course of the story every now and then in order to make the audience believe that everything is possible in the fictional world. There are two characters in the novel who are customized for one another.

    They have the same kind of likes and dislikes which make us wonder that sooner or later they are going to fall in love because this is the usual pattern which the authors follow these days.

    Alice takes the story in another direction when the two characters who love studying books meet each other. Frances and Ales are the two people who like to study books and they like to be with their books and apparently they have no concern with the rest of the world. When they make a podcast suddenly they are brought under the light and they get the outcome which they never expected.

    Radio Silence

    There are people who want these two to shut their mouth at any cost and if they are not going to keep it shut then there is chance that their voice gets a shut up call permanently. Aysha Kala has given voice to these two in a way that the characters look timid initially and then they get brave.

    It would not be a harmful thing if you listen to Loveless and This Winter but don’t hope to find the same kind of theme or story in those novels. The story goes exactly according to the title on this occasion and there is quite a little space for love which is allowed to the two primary characters.

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