White Witch, Black Curse


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Rachel wanted peace in her love life sadly she never got it and then she was bound to make the life of other demons a living hell. Her lover is no more in the world and she can’t bring him back so the only thing that remains in her capacity is to find the killer and the tear him apart. Unfortunately the killer was out of reach and Rachel showed no reluctance to dive deep into hell for the search, having the potential to face the devil even the witch crosses the line which she was not allowed.

Made more than one enemy and than a demon lover that cannot be loved at any rate not because he is a demon, as she has loved two vampires before but the fact is he is hideous. The demon does not want to have her he wants to possess her which she cannot allow at any rate. Always been on the dictating end the white Witch is not ready to kneel or yield after what she has been through in the process.

White Witch, Black Curse

The demon is on the hunt for her and one thing that no one told him about the Witch is that her favorite hobby is also hunting devils and the undead. Kim Harrison is making the battle bigger than For a Few Demons More and The Outlaw Demon Wails  and is preparing the base for the epic finale which is yet nowhere near.

Magic, curses and demons overflow in the seventh part and the human world still hopes that a day will come when they return to their graves or the depth of hell. Marguerite Gavin missed the last part but garnishes the latest with the magical phenomena that is present in the voice of this wonderful narrator.


The Outlaw Demon Wails

Black Magic Sanction


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