Protector: Monster Slayer


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    Welcome to the monster world once again with Sam Ryder still surviving the deadly fangs of the enemy. The author is really making his name famous by giving it to the heroic figure of the series and at least up till now everyone knows the name quite well. When the first book Warrior: Monster Slayer started Sam was on the first level of the game and his job was to stop the monsters from crossing the line. Now he has entered the second level and with the end of every level his powers increase as well.

    Planet on which he is on is called Tor and it is surrounded by monsters from all side. The goddesses who once ruled the region are now dying because their powers are exhausted after the war. At this level in the game Sam realizes that he himself is not much different than a monster. He always carries a hammer in hand thus ready for a fight and that hammer is so big that it is impossible for an average human being to merely lift it.

    Protector: Monster Slayer

    Task with Morgoss was done with a rather ease and now more obstacles appear on the path to the end. Sam was struggling alone in the first part and then he started making friends after every fight, those he saved during the fights are now his friends and he has an army of his own.

    These are not the only beings on his side he has goddesses that are mad about him and his figure. Soren Gray after narrating this one looks ready for Seeker: Monster Slayer because at this book the trilogy will be completed but the series is in no mode of ending here. The levels are beyond our imaginations and it is fun to listen to such stories again and again.

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    Warrior: Monster Slayer

    Seeker: Monster Slayer


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