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    Terry Pratchett writes the life of a pharaoh from his own point of view and adds all that is known to the world about the pharaohs. Young pharaoh with a lot of dreams in his mind appears on the scene and tells everyone the restrictions that are there in his life. People think about him as a boy with high prospects but actually he lives the life of a prisoner.

    He has money in abundance but is not allowed to carry it with him. Threats of all kind surround him from all sides and then there are responsibilities to fulfill. People worship the pharaohs like gods but they cannot just make the corm grow all the time. So when calamity attached to the food supplies start threatening the land, the life of a pharaoh just becomes miserable.


    Terry has used a Biblical reference here about the dream of a prophet that predicted the fate of Egypt. More troubles appear in the form of a paracosmic issue because of which a pyramid goes down.  Going down of a pyramid proves to be a bad sign for the pharaoh who has to face god and mummies combined. Guards! Guards! and Mort have odd creatures in them but god of Guests in this book is outclass. The author just never allows boredom to touch the series from any angle.

    Spicy scenes and interesting characters just keep on entering the tale in bulk. Nigel Planer was missed badly by the fans and now she is back with the responsibility of the narrator. With Nigel’s return the only weakness in the series has disappeared forever.

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