The Bride


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    Author Julie Garwood takes us back to the days when Scottish warriors existed on the face of the world. The author tells the tale of a warrior named Alec who is asked by the king to take an English bride. The barbarian like Alec never wanted an arranged marriage but he wasn’t able to go against the wishes of the king.

    When he saw Jamie i.e the daughter of Baron Jamison, he thought that arranged marriage was not a bad idea after all. The girl was hot and seductive to the core. He wanted to possess her at every cost and he was sure that she would have the same kind of feelings for him but that was not the case initially. Jamie was never prepared to marry a barbarian.

    The Bride

    She has vowed to herself that she would never marry such a man who is not sophisticated and decent in appearance. However, Alec was something different, although he was a barbarian he attracted Jamie’s attention right after the first stare that he gave her. It was not a glance according to Jamie because there was stubbornness in it. He wanted to come close to her and possess her which was something Jamie never wanted.

    When the two came closer and Alex kissed her for the first time, it became a totally different story because both fell for each other right away. That was a good thing for them apparently but started a series of consequences that they never expected. Ransom and The Wedding will further make your day and you would be completely involved in these stories. Rosalyn Landor has not narrated all the parts of the series but he happens to be the fan favorite among the rest.

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