The Council of Mirrors



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Michael Buckley wrote the last two books intentionally to provide the series a big finish, many took book seven as the finale but the fun didn’t stop at that. After book seven in the eighth part the Sisters Grimm are trapped in a book that governs the fate which means a lot is about to change after The Inside Story: The Sisters Grimm, Book 8.

The Grimm’s face the Mirror now and the battle can lead to the end of anyone of the sides. The Sisters Grimm possess allies and friends more than ever and when all of it proves to be less than sufficient they began to thing who else they have in the list.

The Council of Mirrors

Luckily there is a name in the enemy section i.e Scarlet Hand the one they faced in The Everafter War when their votes were for Prince Charming. In the matter of survival the enemy of our enemy can prove to be our friend. Thus the Sisters along with the Scarlet Hand land in the battlefield for the final time because after that things would go only in one direction, hopefully the right direction.

Good thing about the series as a final note is that the series never makes us cry, it makes us laugh and then it makes us worried about the characters but we never cry at all. Ideal for the kids of any age, the book has no tragedy and comedy is mixed up with a thrilling ride in the fairy world. L. J. Ganser did the job with full devotion as the narrator for the whole series thus a lot of applause for that.



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The Inside Story

Beren and Lúthien


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