Seasons of Horror (1-3)



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The three stories by Dan Simmons are wonderfully read by Bronson Pinchot. The stories possess everything that a reader demands when he makes his mind ready to enjoy a horror series. There are a lot of hidden elements in all the three stories which make them interesting at the same time the description of the scenes are spooky and dark. Vampires and Dracula are though not present but there is a hint that they might appear at any instant in the story.

Seasons of Horror (1-3)

The first story is about five boys who are friends and their friendship is so strong that nothing can break it but the attack of a devilish force on their village tests them in the oddest way. The era is almost the same as the writer keeps on giving the reference of 1960 all the time. The second tale relates the Dracula blood line with a boy who could help in curing the human race from the deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS.

Thus the story has some science added in it with horror always haunting the minds that this cure could also make the humans lose their identity perhaps and they too would start acting like the vampires which would be something worse than cancer of course. The town of Elm Haven is where this last part of the series brings us to, a town that possesses unspeakable evils that could chase a man wherever he goes a make his life a living hell. Each story has a nice start and superb ending with the disclosure of certain mysteries on the way is a nice treat for the reader.     

For more interesting stories and happening people also have read the books such as ·  The Abominable – Dan Simmons, The Hyperion Cantos – Dan Simmons and Ilium-Olympos – Dan Simmons.


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A Pillar of Fire by Night

Killing is my business


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