The Wedding


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    A new novel by Nicholas Sparks talks about three different weddings associated with three different generations. One is the successful wedding of Allie and Noah i.e a great example for the new generation follows. The husband and wife have been together for the last five decades and their love has not decreased a single inch.

    Wilson Lewis following the example of this perfect marriage bond has been really tough. Wilson is the son-in-law of this ideal couple but his marriage life is not like their wedding life. The last many years have been tough for him as he’s busy routines have been taking him away from his wife. He has reached a point here where he cannot tell whether his wife loves him anymore or not. Getting no for an answer from his wife is also unbearable for him at the time when his daughter is going to marry a man of her choice.

    The Wedding

    If Wilson’s marriage collapses at this point in his life it would hurt the life of his daughter too. Also, he tells the audience how much he is attracted to his wife now, it looks like after all those years he has become addicted to her company.

    It’s all man’s emotions this time which Tom Wopat narrates unlike The Longest Ride and See Me, the women are not dominating here. The author tells us how a man feels when his married life gets disturbed and he develops a fear of losing his wife forever. The feeling damages him from the inside and his whole personality takes a disastrous shift in a big way.

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