Alien vs. Predator: Armageddon


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    The book can provide us with the answer to the question that-what would happen when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Aliens and predators the enemies since the beginning of time turn the mother earth into their playground or a battlefield. This results in only one thing i.e the slaying of the human race on a massive scale.

    Tim Lebbon completes the trilogy of “the raging war” series with this book as the writer takes the story to an entirely different level. Where the human as predators are left with no other solution except to join their forces against the Xenomorphs. The deadliest creatures in the universe that, want the planet earth back from the humans.

    The human race and the predators, even their combined powers fell short against the aliens. As they approach the earth in their full might. John Chancer continues with the job of narration in this third part as well. The narrator has done well in the job that was a tough one to handle. As there are extremely intense scenes, all the way that need quite an energy for their portrayal.

    Alien vs. Predator: Armageddon

    Though the series is not in a continuation but still looks like Alien: Out of the Shadows and  Into the Void. And these can be read along with this one if someone likes to have the history of these creatures. You can enjoy the fighting scenes of these devil-like creatures. As they want to make the planet of the human beings their residence and of course the human beings their food.

    The most noteworthy thing about series is that the writer has remained successful in giving expression to the scenes with the help of minimal of words something that is quite unique and not normally seen in the usual alien series.

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