Robert B. Parker’s Buckskin


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    Tenth part without any break or major change in the characters is really a big achievement by any series. Usually people assume the story to be ending or concluding at the trilogy and after that if more episodes are produced they tend to lose their charm on many occasions. Such issue was never raised by the fans even; they just remained listening to a fanciful series by Robert Knott without any sense of boredom.

    The criminals coming to the same town again and again was monotonous and almost all the criminals had the same passion, women and money. In this respect the author was limited in resources because when we talk about “west” there is not much variety in the crime scenes even. It was like the gold rush situation. The present book under discussion talks about the gold once again found in the city of Appaloosa. The city always had restlessness among the gangs on money and now the discovery ignites everyone up once again.

    Robert B. Parker's Buckskin

    Not only the gangs but the locals too have come up for their share in the gold mine. This one is especially narrated by Robert Knott himself the one who was just producing material like Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack and Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge  in writing alone. The presentation of the story in his voice is not bad after all. He did a great job before and now it is much better than expected before starting to listen the audio book.

    The book has a proper finish and none of the portions are left incomplete or unintended, moreover there are no loose ends in the scenes.

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