Robert B. Parker’s Blackjack

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The two lawmen fighting crimes in the west and it looks that the crimes are never ending one, but so is the zeal of the two heroes. Whether it is a gang or a single thug they are ready for all falsifying prediction of the fortunetellers even and writing their fates with their own guns. Shrapnel everywhere on the streets, in the bars and on the rail tracks has been the pattern of the series which is now coming out of the pen of Robert Knott.

With the emergence of the two heroes comes greater responsibility on their shoulders. They cannot say no to it as they like their job, it has been their passion all their life but the responsibility of the life and property of so many people is a tough ask. They returned to their home town Appaloosa in Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge and now with them the action also returns to the land. The name of their new threat is Boston Black Bill, an influential and wealthy man that can rule over the area with his connections.

Not many complaints against him in the start because everyone in the town at once starts working for him within no time. His casino the source of attraction for the foreigners and locals can make anyone go round in seconds.

The man has a weakness i.e women and when he is wanted by the police for murder issues Cole and Hitch know which woman to go to for the hideout information. Rex Linn is smooth in narration and never lets a pause enter the work in any of the portions.

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    Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge

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