Dungeon Born


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    Dungeons and mysteries have been fascinating the people since the beginning of time. Dungeons not only bring protection for the one who owns it but also provides him space to keep food. However, there is always one threat i.e the beast that already owns the place. In order to get a dungeon, you got to kill the beast that leaves in the cave in the first place. The story can change drastically if you come to know that there is no beast in the dungeon just an old demon eating people up.

    But then the question arises that why he is eating the people. Dakota Krout has woven a great series out of these mysteries and questions, as we enter the first part he tells us the preliminary details. The writer tells us about a dungeon that provides weapons of strange types and gold coins as well. At the same time, the people of the land are forced to think about why they face so many monsters.

    Dungeon Born

    The answer to each question rests in the heart of Cal. Cal the one changed into stone has established a dungeon around itself for protection. The dungeon is not only for protection but it also brings its prey to him as the dungeon serves as camouflage.

    Cal eats up an adventurer that enters in the dungeon and this is how he has succeeded to survive up till now. You cannot understand the whole concept until you read Dungeon Madness and Dungeon Calamity as the series is like episodes.

    Watching one episode just arouses the curiosity. The narrator is surely one of a kind as Vikas Adam infuses real spirit in this fictional stuff. The narration makes us inclined to listen without any break for hours.

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