Life Reset: Hobnobbing


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    Shemer Kuznits starts this book in the continuation of the previous part. The previous part though was exciting but it never had a proper ending. The ending perhaps was intentionally left in this way because the writer wanted to continue the story in this chapter.

    This third chapter proves to be the best of the “New Era Online” series as it concludes several of the endless things. Oren and the clan of monsters succeeded in surviving the first attack but that was just the beginning. Oren knows right from the start of Life Reset: EVP that the attacks could only end if he strengthens his clan.

    Life Reset: Hobnobbing

    He also plans of taking the attack back to the players which shows his clear intensions that he is not backing down. Along with a true fighter, a great leader also emerges in Oren which amazes us as it was not something that we expected in Life Reset: A LitRPG Novel.

    In the first part, it was just the quest of a man who wanted his powers back and a way out of the world in which he got stuck.

    Life Reset: Hobnobbing

    A new plan comes to the scenes as well as Oren thinks of establishing a whole army of golems. However, for the army of golems, he needs Viridium that lies in the core of the hobgoblin town.

    In hobgoblin, he and his goblins are taken as second-grade creatures or slaves which mean that he and his clan need all their courage and bravery to fight against two things.One is, of course, the search of Viridium and the second is the cruel behavior of the hobgoblins. The narrators Jeff Hays, Laurie Catherine Winkel, and Annie Ellicott are surely improving with each upcoming part. The narration has thus become one of the chief elements of success of this series.

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    Life Reset: A LitRPG Novel

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