Robert B. Parker’s The Bridge

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Sizzling episode full of gun shots once again indulge Cole and Hitch in a fight between the madly active gangs. This part is like the whine of a bullet, quick in pace and Robert Knott means business from the initial chapters. The two law enforcers are back from where it all started i.e Appaloosa .

Everything the two have earned over the years started from this particular down when they took down the biggest evil that existed there. Now it is all peace and quiet everywhere which is very good and impressive to see. Peace is the fruit that the two can enjoy after a long hard toil on the land. When they landed on the turf again they smelt something fishy but though that it was just a doubt in their minds and then the evil rose. Rio Blanco camp is under attack by the storm and the band of night riders.

The riders have a hidden agenda but this time the town has a sheriff and a police force but it does not seem enough against the rising storms. Cole and Hitch don’t want to indulge in the town business anymore but are forced to when the police officers start to go missing each day. The town needs help and the peace that these two heroes established is disappearing. Danger everywhere but the two old battle axe are onto the mission in a flash because this is what they do and this is what they like.

Rex Linn uses a battle tone that has no sophisticated element in it and it suits to this new part of the west.

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