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    Faust gets replaced by another hacker named Eric, for the Discworld both are same well actually they are not. Eric is a demonology Hacker of a unique kind, he has the skills and talent but he has not been able to get hold of any devil yet. He thinks that it would be fun to raise devils but controlling them is a lot difficult than he actually thinks. At such a young age Eric does not know about his abilities fully and its impact on the world in which he lives. With such super powers and potential, getting hold of the fool famous with the name Rincewind does not look very important to Eric.

    Instead of trying to raise Rincewind, Eric thinks of letting him free in another world. With this allotted freedom Rincewind is bound to fulfill three wishes of the master who was keeping him. Well that was not a tough job to pull for a wizard whether he is considered incompetent among the other wizards. Rincewind thought that Eric would demand a rule over the world and things like wealth and woman but the boys proves to be a crazy guy. Eric demands a change in the future but for this an alteration in the past is required.


    The poor wizard’s life becomes terrible as he during the granting of the wishes had to meet terrible guys. His job takes him even to the start of life on the Discworld. Terry Pratchett keeps the favorite character from Sourcery and Mort alive in this fabulous part. Stephen Briggs is called for the job of a narrator because of male domination in this part of the Discworld series.

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