Captains and the Kings


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    From Rome Taylor Caldwell’s attention shifts to an American Dynasty this time, the history thus has a different flavor this time along with different culture and trends. It has been the same pattern in the author’s stories that we observed in A Pillar of Iron and Dear and Glorious Physician in which the author always presents a central figure around which the story revolves.

    This time we meet Joseph Armagh in the beginning who is just a teenager when the novel begins. He was not only poor but moreover he had a big responsibility of his brother and sister on his shoulders.

    It was he on which the survival of the whole family depended and not only that he had to protect the infant sister and baby brother as well. Things were never easy for the teenager but then he never lost courage and hope was there in his mind like a cuckoo bird telling him about its presence.

    Captains and the Kings

    After seventy years however he was able to mend his fortune and changed into one of the most influential people of the state. Although he was dying in the end but it was really a life worth to think about that he spent as he gained strength on the land in which once he and his family were foreigners. With full focus of the mind and determination he made a foreign land his home, a home of which he could be proud of on his deathbed. Susie Berneis’ simple narration is error free and every word is crystal clear and pronounced correctly. We feel no difficulty in understanding any of the words whether English or Irish.

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