The Collectors


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Started with simple theories and assumptions the Camel Club came into being in a rock-solid way after an accidental mission. They have been keeping an eye on every aspect of the government and other important organizations but before the heroic day, they had contained their expertise to themselves only. The time has come for the four heroes to tell the world that they exist and can change the course of any game in moments. Their theories do matter to the world and not just the creation of their imaginative mind. David Baldacci made the Camel Club meet Alex Ford in The Camel Club and the team marches on with dignity.

The Collectors

They never went to anyone rather the secret service came to them with a request for help. A killer is on the loose again in the US and it is hitting the targets accurately. The victims are not ordinary street lads rather the killer is eradicating important people like the Speaker of the House and other wealthy people of the town. Police do not understand the meaning of this madness luckily they have the Camel Club to provide them with the insight with the help of their visionary approach.

Everything is calculated first before any action is taken by Oliver Stone and his men. These men treat the whole situation like a puzzle and by putting the correct pieces on the right spot they think that they can form the accurate map which would lead them to the killer. Aimee Jolson and Richard Mover come a little later than L J Ganser in narration but together the trio has taken the novel to extreme heights.


The Camel Club

Stone Cold


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