Code of Conduct


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    Brad Thor, the novelist for all the good and obvious reasons became the bestselling author in New York Times. He got that honor with the brilliantly received The Scot Harvath Series by the audience. The book is chapter 15 of The Scot Harvath Series, which is a full fledgde mystery thriller.

    A secretive committee of the most influential organization of the world has a deep hidden devastating agenda. The members of the committee are provided with incredible protection, who are considered as the untouchable elites.

    Code of Conduct

    But, when a video of just four seconds is captured in the halfway all around the world and forwarded to Washington DC anonymously, the covert operation gets in full motion. Scot Harvath, the counterterrorism operative is all set to take on one of the most deadly task ever in his career.

    Thing that initially started as a favor turned all of a sudden in a globe spanning drama, which was all about personal stakes that were played against a surprising international intrigue in the backdrop. The duplicitous politics and the covert fears of the espionage world were all evident then. Things started to take a deep and steep turn.

    Brad Thor is truly regarded as the Master of Thrillers. For that reason, it is always a good idea to dig in deep for more quality novels by the author. If a couple of them needs to be named here, then The Lines of Lucerne and Near Dark novels would be the easiest choice to make.

    Narration of Code of Conduct is handled by Armand Schultz and his performance with a stern and absorbing tonal quality makes it an absolute treat for the audience.

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