Lonesome Paladin

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  • M. Reine has painted a fantasy that can shake the mind of an ordinary reader in no time. A bold thing to do when you present a world without God, a world that is controlled by no one now. The world with no god means that the humans and the other creatures like the deadly Faeries, and shapeshifters do not fear justice and death anymore and everyone is on his own now.
  • Lincoln in this first book of the series is presented as a person who wants redemption from his sins that he has committed once but now he too has lost hope as there is no god who could solve the problem thus he lives a life of a loner when he meets Cesar who wants his help to do the impossible in the Middle Worlds
  • and Lincoln is the right man for the job because he is the man who once conquered hell even so he is an expert when facing devils and demons. There is another thing that is more important about him i.e he does not fear death anymore because he has nothing left other than a whiskey bottle that too is almost empty.
  • Thus he starts his journey to face the false prophets, killer unicorns and doppelgangers. The story surely develops frustration in us as well when we hear that there is no god and secondly the main character too his frustrated and confused as what he should do with his life but the passion of fighting is there and is present in plenty that is good for the action lovers. The narration is done by Jeffrey Kafer in the forceful voice that is the basic element for the narrator throughout the career.   

Anna Dressed in Blood: Cas Lowood, Book 1 – Kendare Blake and Killing is my business (protected by the damned bk02) – Michael todd are other stories offering fantasy and horror for those who need to find more stories which are out of this world.



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