Teardrop Lane


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    Teardrop Lane is the ninth chapter of the Eternity Springs novel series. This fictional novel is written by Emily March. She is an author of 25+ novels that mostly involve romance fiction. The author has won several awards for her literary work. One of her most prominent novels is The Summer Melt. After that, she did a pretty good job with the writing of her erotica novel, Dreamweaver Trail.

    The audio narration of Teardrop Lane is done by Amy Landon. She could be heard struggling with the narration and it didn’t go well with the weak tone used for the characters.

    Rose Anderson was the town physician who was hiding a well of sadness right behind her capable and cheerful professionalism. Heartbreak has played a role in her life only to reinforce her long-kept belief that marriage and having children were not in her future. Still, she was a woman with a pulse and when Hunt Cicero, the sexy artist showed up at her office along with his young nephew then the physical attraction he triggered within her was both unsettling and exciting.

    Teardrop Lane

    Hunt had a great and passionate temperament for an artist and for having a lifestyle of a bachelor. Therefore, when he became the guardian of the children of his sister when he was riddled with some great conflict and things were way over his head. He would be lost without the support of Rose and the maternal instincts that she had.

    It is not only this but all the novels in the Eternity Springs novel until Teardrop Lane is outstanding. One thing that the listeners felt was that the series needs to have a change in the narrator who didn’t perform well at all.

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