Lady of Light and Shadows


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    Second book by C.L. Wilson brings Ellysetta closer to the man she loves so much and it is evident that she would be the queen one day. Abby Craden has not given a royal touch to the voice of Ellysetta but the audience can get the hint that the girl is finally rising. Though the girl was portrayed as a daughter of an ordinary woodcutter in Lord of the Fading Lands but actually she is much more.

    There is a hidden magic within her which is yet to get revealed in its true form. It was because of her magic that the king of the fey land came to get her and then he saw in her the love that he was looking for. However Ellysetta despite of her love for Rain knows that there is a lusty beast buried deep within him and if she fails to tame that beast in time then her love can destroy her. She can make Rain the good guy that he once used to be but it would not be that easy for her because the scars of the past have left deep marks on his heart.

    Lady of Light and Shadows

    Also the girl needs Rain because he alone can help her in controlling her powers that are making her life terrible. Thus both not only love each other but they also need each other for their survival. They are left with very little time to solve their personal problems because the war is approaching fast. The Winter King could be the next book for you after you finish this by C.L. Wilson. All of these books have a special flavor of romance attached with the theme of war.

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