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    Network Effect:  Murderbot Diaries, Book 5

    The series started long ago and till this fifth part, the intensity of the story and the love of the fans has not decreased at all. The concept of the Murderbot emerged in the first part of this series and till now every fan listening to this book by Martha Wells knows what a Murderbot is.

    Murderbots cannot rest because they are programmed to follow orders even when they want a little rest or perhaps a time out of the mess which they have been bearing. In this novel which is narrated by Kevin R. Free, there is one Murderbot and it is in a hell of trouble.

    Being a Murderbot, it was designed to keep everything connected to its head but now the robot thinks that it has a heart in which there is a feeling of grudge too. The likes and dislikes along with the craving for some rest are odd things that should not be linked to a Murderbot but they are there in plenty. Now when the human associates of this robot get stuck in a big problem it is up to him to save the day.

    Network Effect

    A problem that stands in the way is the presence of an associate which the Murderbot does not like at all. Still, the Murderbot does not leave the main path and decides to face some real and serious action. Artificial Condition and Rogue Protocol should be preferred after this, without a second thought in the mind. These books will take the listener in an imaginary world that is so much appealing that one would never want to come out of it.

    Network Effect Network Effect

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