Fugitive Telemetry


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    Fugitive Telemetry: Murderbot Diaries, Book 6

    Martha Wells always finds a way to enter into the mind of the audience through her stories. Murderbot series is one of the specials of the author which has been keeping her on the top for a very long time.

    Kevin R. Free narrated the fifth part of the series, Network Effect and he gets the next task as well in the form of this new episode. A Murderbot has killed a human being in this episode but the problem is that the one which is captured does not remember anything about the criminal act.

    The Murderbot claims that it has not killed the human because if he had killed him then his dead body would not be thrown in the open as evidence. The robot claims that everything has been done to trap him and the real criminal is still out there somewhere with a hidden agenda of his own. The Murderbot starts assisting the security present on the Preservation Station to get to the criminal quickly, however, the case gets twisted with every step that is taken by the security.

    Fugitive Telemetry

    The evidence that is found in this novel reminds most of us about Artificial Condition. If you are looking for any kind of relaxation in this novel then you are making a mistake because the story is full of alerts.

    After every page or two, the listener gets something that he cannot ignore and it brings back his complete focus to the story. The Murderbot who wants to solve the case in this scenario gets trapped in the case and then it is like a battle to prove himself innocent.

    Fugitive Telemetry Fugitive Telemetry

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