Skunk Works


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    Skunk Works is a book written by Ben R. Rich and it is co-authored by Leo Janos. The book is a personal memoir, which is based on military related history. Pete Larkin has done the narration of this novel, which was an awesome performance and you will for sure love it for what it is.

    The book tells a never before told story, which is all about the immense development of the U to the Stealth fighter. All this sits at the core of high stakes of America in their quest to concur and completely dominate the skies. The book tells a true story of most successful and a secret aerospace operation. Ben R. Rich nicely recounts the entire scenario of the superb boss operation for almost a couple of decades.

    The chronicles of the legendary Skunk Works Lockheed is a tale of some Cold War confrontations and the Gulf War air fight, which was of extraordinary accomplishments of human and engineering achievements. All this was done against some impossible and really fantastic odds. Here are some up close photographs of some of the maverick band of the engineers and scientists, who actually made the Skunk Works so popular.

    Skunk Works

    The Skunk Works is completely dominated with personal anecdotes and some high adventure as well. It also has opinions from the CIA and also from the brave air force pilots, who flew a number of risky missions. This chapter is a spellbinding depiction of the most outstanding aviation victories of the 20th century.

    This book is a complete delight for all those, who are in love with the aviation stories and as well as with the cold war tales, which in case of Skunk Works is all about reality.

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