Columbus Day


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    A story with hidden secrets is what we find in this wonderful novel that starts with the description of a troop that feels quite satisfied when it finds allies to fight against the Ruhar. Craig Alanson has woven the story of love hate relationship very nicely only this time it’s not between persons; it’s between troops that possess motives of their own to fight for.

    The Ruhar appears on the Columbus Day when the troops were wandering here and there in its little ship like the American who found America for the first time back in 1492. The human race is presented to be fighting against a race that is quite advanced in technology and all other aspects of warfare.

    Columbus Day

    For the first time in the history of the human race the human beings are killed by someone that is not human. The rise of action as well as suspense possesses a great effect on the overall drama of the novel as we are told that the Ruhar are not the real enemy, it’s the allies that the human race is working with who are the real enemy. The whole thing is revealed all of a sudden when the UN forces start a joint venture with Kristang starships against Ruhar.

    The Kristang starships not only make the human beings work according to their will but they also make them their subjects in one way or the other. The revelation of the lies is also quite beautifully described by the narrator R.C Bray who uses different tones during dialogue delivery and changes the accent in order to show difference in the voices of humans and the aliens.

    There are one or two other books of Craig like Renegades and Deathtrap  that can be read along with this one as these books also follow the same pattern of fight between the human race and other species in the world. The suspense is however not that extreme which can be found in this current novel that changes the whole course of war within no time.       

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