Sign of the Moon


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    Erin Hunter is twisting the tale in several directions thus it will take a while to gather all of this in one pattern in the books to come. The Fourth Apprentice and Fading Echoes were about the selection of the heroes with special powers.

    Then the audience received the third part in which Ivypaw first emerged as a villain who was conspiring against everyone and she changed into a spy for the chosen band. Fourth part gets disconnected not from the theme but from the pattern of the series as in this one the author talks about time travel. Jayfeather gets weird dream about a summoning and he has no option except to answer the call.

    Sign of the Moon

    When he reaches the mountain he is sent back in the past to change history for the betterment of the clan. Jayfeather enters the past with a new name i.e Jay’s wing and after many hardships remains successful in appointing a stone teller there. After appointing Half Moon as the stone teller Jay comes to the past and here too he gets the opportunity to select the new stone teller.

    Tribe of Rushing Water gets saved in this brave act that took the hero back in time. MacLeod Andrews’ narration was without the weakness this time that it showed in the previous part. This time not only the characters were limited in the book but also too much emotions were not there, it was much of a race against time. Although this part don’t look significant but the change in the past by Jayfeather will surely have an impact on the future in the days to come.


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