Good Girls Lie


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    Lying is not taken seriously but if seen from a broader spectrum it proves to be the root cause of all evil there is in the world. In the elite school of Silent, Ivy lies are not considered a problem until you can pose that you are an innocent girl. The school gives admission to the elite girls only who not only belong to the upper class but also have a good academic record.

    Good Girls Lie

    Thus it is presumed that the school exists only for top-quality study and nothing else. In the boarding house, the situation is not what it seems from the outside. There are gangs of girls that force their domination over others and have launched a hidden agenda too. Things like murder are thus ignored on many occasions because the school authorities and the police cannot rest suspicion on the elite girls who are there for study purposes only.

    J.T. Ellison criticizes the upper class too as it gets away with its crime because no one suspects that the high class can commit crimes. But when a dead body appears this time in the school everyone is shocked. The girl who has committed suicide this time was not an ordinary student of the institute. Different girls said that she was trying to hide something really big from all of us.

    Lie to Me and Tear Me Apart had disappearances of the girls in them here it is a suicide but the tension in the situation is just the same. One behind the crime is unknown without whom the case cannot be solved. Fiona Hardingham the narrator for the novel was new to such an adventure but she settled with the scenery quite quickly.


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