The Lost Colony


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    Stories about Artemis Fowl are connected with the fairy world all the time but in the previous four parts Eoin Colfer never told why the fairies are there in Ireland. Fifth part of the series unveils this old story finally with the threat of an approaching war. A long time ago fairies and the humans wanted the land that is now known as the island of Ireland.

    For this they fought a magnificent battle at the end of which the fairy world faced defeat. So the fairies decided to leave the land for humans and settled themselves underground. All the families of fairies were united on the decision except one i.e the demons. This eighth family went out of the regular time zone and separated themselves from the humans and the fairies. For a thousand years they have been planning for a way to fight back and regain what they lost long ago.

    The Lost Colony

    One demon after the other is materializing now and the fairies that live underground have to save the humans from this upcoming danger. After a long time the fairies are now in need of Artemis Fowl because they cannot reveal themselves in the human world. Artemis shows his readiness because they helped him in The Arctic Incident and The Eternity Code but there appears another hindrance in the way.

    A twelve year old girl just like Artemis solves all the riddles about fairies and she is not stopping unless she unveils every secret. Nathaniel Parker is continuing still and since the first part no listener has ever raised any objection against in the voice quality and the expression in voice.

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