Sign of the Unicorn


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    Corwin did posses a plan and that plan bore fruit in the form of his success that brought him back to his rightful place in the Amber world. Now the throne is under his thumb after a hard struggle in Nine Princes in Amber and The Guns of Avalon . However threats of more deadly intensity are present around him, perhaps these are the type of threats that he cannot remove.

    In order to know the people behind the whole treachery Corwin goes to the land of visions. All he needed was to know which one of his family members is actually the one who wants to take his life but instead of that he sees his downfall. Never did he thought about such a thing in his life that after reaching to his true position his would be doomed forever at the hands of his own sibling.

    Just a vision however does not make this warrior completely hopeless about the thing and he starts planning to confront this too. After all he has faced an exile before and this matter too would not be left without a fight. Roger Zelazny reaches to the best part of the first half, the king broken from the inside after the vision tries to stand once again for his people and for himself.

    Sign of the Unicorn

    He just cannot let his dream perish at the hands of a vision and even if it is true he plans to go down fighting and unveiling the hidden enemies is the first step. End of Corwin Cycle is near and most of the listeners want to see Corwin successful in the end because he has suffered a lot.

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