The Guns of Avalon

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Chronicle of ten books is actually divided into two halves and this part belongs to the first half narrated by Alessandro Juliani. First section of the series tells the passionate tale of the return of Corwin who was banished for hundreds of years from the world of Amber.

Being the true heir to the throne the prince must reach the palace and claim what originally belongs to him. His brothers hold supreme in the center now and they are ready to stop his every attack.

Power of this immortal prince does not prove ample in the first attempt so instead of wasting his energies further he plans of making an army. Because of his status as the true heir to the throne there still exist soldiers who are truly with Corwin. No one however is aware that there also exists a thing that came to the land because of his doings i.e the darkness that has engulfed everyone.

Darkness has grown so much that it possesses its hold on every heart thus removing it or wiping it out is not in the hands of the soldiers now. Roger Zelazny never talked about the details of the darkness when he presented Nine Princes in Amber but in this section story clarifies itself. Sign of the Unicorn will open up more secrets of the Amber world and its nine immortal and super human princes.

Till this second episode it is only the preparation of a big war that the listeners hear about and Corwin’s side is apparently weak and outnumbered in comparison to the darkness all around. Corwin has returned after hundreds of years and it is clear that he is not stupid enough to come without a plan; perhaps he is hiding the true plan.

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    Nine Princes in Amber

    Sign of the Unicorn


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