Mark of the Fool 5



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    In the gripping continuation of Michael G. Munz’s The Magelord trilogy, The Sage’s Disciple finds the hunted becoming the hunter. Having survived the mortal threats of Greymoor, Alex and his cadre of wizards and Heroes forge deeper into perilous lands, each hard-won answer only breeding more dreadful questions.

    Their quest for understanding takes them to the ancient, foreboding Crymlyn swamp – domain of the enigmatic Sage of Thameland. But malign forces also train their demonic gaze upon these gnarled wetlands. For the nefarious Ravener’s thirst for vengeance against Alex is far from slaked, with still more unspeakably powerful servants waiting to be unleashed.

    Munz masterfully ratchets up the tension, crafting a dark, ominous atmosphere thick with lurking menace. Alex’s evolving mastery over summoning grows ever more critical as he and his allies find themselves beset by fresh horrors at every turn of the treacherous path. The very land itself seems to work against them in a world of deepening moral ambiguities.

    With captivating worldbuilding, sinuous storytelling, and unflinching pragmatism regarding the brutal realities of magic’s practice, The Sage’s Disciple elevates the stakes immensely. This richly-imagined dark fantasy series continues to establish Munz as a unique, invigorating voice. Gripping from the first spell until the cataclysmic cliffhanger finale, it will leave readers ravenous for the next installment’s arrival. A masterclass in slowly-building dread amidst life-or-death consequences.

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