Burying Water


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Many think after a mishap, that it is better to forget about everything that has happened to them so that they can live a peaceful life but K.A. Tucker’s characters are not like this. The people of the village in this first installment of a new series find a woman in a very bad condition in the field.

None of the villager knows what has happened to the poor soul, one thing is evident that whoever did this to her thought that she was dead but the woman turned out to be stronger than the expectations.

Though the woman gained her senses in the hospital but the issue that emerged was that her whole memory was erased. Jane Doe was her name but she does not remember anything attached to it, thus she changes her name and introduces herself as “Water” in the society. With this new name she thinks of starting a new life but the old issues still haunt her mind. The only lady in the town that knows something about her is Ginny who is kind to her but does not talk about her past.

Burying Water

Moreover the man who lives next to her brings back some images to her mind but Ginny does not allow him to enter the farm. Jesse too tries to keep himself out of Water’s sight so that she cannot get those memories back that are better to be kept buried in her mind.  K.A. Tucker has introduced deep mystery in this novel and Josh Goodman and Elizabeth Louise have used low tone in narration to make the things look creepier. Keep Her Safe and In Her Wake had crime stories involved but they were not so nicely packed up in the main story. Mystery has also been the main strength of this first part of the series that will surely break the previous records.


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