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Fifteenth episode appears on the scene with a real bang, it has been a long time that the missions of the Campus have become global. They have been taking care of the whole globe since Jack Ryan became the president of the US for the second time. There has been threat from Russia, China and North Korea in Threat Vector and Command Authority. Now another threat from the Russian region emerges on the scene, the president of the Russian federation wanted a rise.

The economy of the country looks not very suited to the current desires of the government thus the Russian government try to do things in an indirect or illegal way. With such things come greater issues related to threats and if the government is working with the mafia than it has a price to pay in one way or the other. The attacks are on a plan of which the US once thought about is now being implied by the Russians.

Then out of nowhere a tragedy appears and the team is launched at once on the mission. Lithuania’s natural gas resource is destroyed all of a sudden and the concerned people around the globe know that this is just the start of things to come. The rehearsal will lead to the destruction of other such resources in the future and the oil and gas reservoirs all over the world are under threat no doubt.

Mark Greaney brings more chaos in the fantastic series, more lives are at stake and the future is looking grim unless the Campus takes thing in it hands. This is a breathtaking performance by the narrator Scott Brick who has finally started emerging as a scintillating narrator.

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