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The Campus has been working fine under cover with father giving the orders and the son along with his cousins fulfilling it. Though the performance for the country and the world is undeniable but still the operations and the company is not regal at all. It is not working as a governmental organization and now Jack Sr. again the president has the potential to make it legal. But there is another question making it legal would blow up its cover and it would not be that much lethal anymore after that.

Thus the Campus is kept a secret but now the enemy knows and threatens the institute directly. It is step down or perishes amazingly the institute chose to fight and leave the two options aside. In Debt of Honor and Executive Orders dealing with China was a new thing but now the Campus knows what the country possess in warfare and in the political game.

In China the army seems to be having the upper hand influencing the president to start an invasion on Taiwan.

Why Taiwan well there is no leak in the game about that still the president orders the US navy to help the Taiwan government. The US navy also gets trapped as they weren’t aware of the secret anti-ship missiles that China had. It is up to the secret squad to complete the mission and failure is not an option for them, if they go down their nation will also go down in image.

Tom Clancy and Mark Greaney is doing fine as team and the story is getting better coming out of the mouth of more polished and now quite likeable by the fans Lou Diamond Phillips.

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