Darke: Septimus Heap


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    The Darke: Septimus Heap, Book Six is part of the Septimus Heap novel series. It is masterfully written by Angie Sage, who is a reputable writer for writing quality novels for kids. The subject novel is specifically intended for kids in the age group of 8 to 10 years and that is usually the targeted group of Angie Sage for almost all his novels.

    Gerard Doyle is the narrator of this novel and as per the experts/ critics reviews and general audience feedback, he managed to pull off a stunner with his top quality voice and expression.

    In this 6th chapter of the Septimus Heal novel series, the prime character of Alther Mella gets evacuated, Darke Domaine submerges the Castle and then a Darke dragon is finally on the loose. Septimus is bound to employ all of his accumulated skills in order to save the Wizard Tower and the Castle from the probable destruction.

    Darke: Septimus Heap

    Septimus Heap in all this situation building up should enter the Darke, but it is impossible for him to do this all alone. Finally, with the support of Alther Mella, Jenna, Marcellus Pye and Simon Heap, the estranged brother of Septimus, Marcia Overstrand and Septimus fight the growing Darkenesse.

    Will it be possible for Septimus to succeed in the cause of protecting the Magykal World?

    The typical humor of Angie Sage is prominent in this novel, where the novel itself is a fantastical adventure, which is filled with thrills, surprises and many laughable moments.

    Magyk and Queste are top class novels, which are also written by Angie Sage. The fans of Angie Sage knows that the novels from Angie Sage are specially intended for kids, which these both recommended ones also are.

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