Magyk-Septimus Heap

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Septimus Heap’s first book opens with loads and loads of details about things that Angie Sage writes about the very first time. Starting a series is always a tough ask because there is no option of leaving any loose ends because it will directly have an impact on the next part.

Septimus Heap emerges as a legend because the boy is so many things at the same time, he is a powerful wizard and a must have item for many people. Everyone is looking for the boy in order to fulfill something that he or she wants.

The moment we open the book we get the smell of the potions and the sound of spells in the voice of Allan Corduner. There is so much in it that we think that we have entered into the domain of a magical place where everything can come true within no time.  There is humor but it was never the main focus of the writer because he wanted us to feel something that has long been forgotten i.e magic.

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Fiction and stories related to science and technology are so common these days that we usually don’t have space for books with magic on our shelves anymore. In order to go on with the journey in the mysterious world one has to listen to Flyte and Physik because it is only then one would be able to get hold of the whole tale.

After the introduction the author never gives more time to characterization, it is all story and a strong one that is the expectation at the beginning of course. No loose ends are ever present at any stage and in any department.

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