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Queste marks the start of another fantastic novel for kids, which will be a totally overwhelming experience for the preteens. It is just because such marvelous writing done by Angie Sage, whose target audience are always younger kids and keeps on impressing them with superb novels every now and then. A god part of its success also goes to Gerard Doyle, who is the narrator of this novel and impressed with the expression and quality of his voice.

There is some really big trouble within the Castle and this is all because of the Darke plans of Merrin Meredith for Septimus. More trouble is coming for both Jenna and Septimus and this time in the shape of Tertius Fume, who is the ghost of the 1st Chief hermetic Scribe. The ghost was determined to deploy Septimus on to a deadly Queste.

Jenna and Septimus have plans of their own. They are on their way to the mysterious House of Foryx. This was the place where Time meets and somewhere they were hoping to find Snorri and Nicko. They were trapped there back in time in the Physik. The question that comes up now is that how will Septimus manage to escape the Queste?

The Queste novel in the Septimus Heap series is totally occupied with nonstrop humor, action and some really amazing fantastical adventure that kids will definitely enjoy.

Angie Sage is a quality writer for the younger generation and specifically those between the ages of 8 to 10 years. There are many unforgettable novels by the writer for the kids that deserves a mention here. A couple of those are Magyk and Darke: Septimus Heap, Book Six.

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