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    When a person is working for a cause he is bound to make some enemies, the more people he saves the more enemies arise on the other side against him. Jack Ryan’s life is no different than this, being a CIA agent the man has a little time for his family and it is seldom that they plan for vacation.

    The retired Marine was having a wonderful time with his family in London when he observes a terrorist attack on another family at arm’s length. Could not control the instincts, the man launches himself in the fight and saves the family that was being attacked. Also receives bullet as a reward on the scene Jack Ryan wakes up after a few days in the hospital. The husband and wife that he saved were the Duke and Duchess of Kent.

    Patriot Games

    Thus there was honor and thanks giving everywhere but what he learns later is that the group was not an ordinary band of terrorists. They were the deadliest one on the planet and the hurdle in their mission is not something that they tolerate quite often.  Warm enemies made that remind stories like The Hunt for Red October and The Sum of All Fears. Action, thrill and fight scenes are written in detail by Tom Clancy who is considered as a real artist in this field.

    The narration by Scott Brick goes along the story in real pace and he was the right man for the job as no one can narrate action scenes better than Scott Brick. Scott makes the scene alive in the listener’s mind with the amount of stress that he gives on the words.

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