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    If you want to establish a business for yourself without doing a lot of effort then this book is ready to provide you with the guidelines. Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy created this book together. Benjamin Hardy is the narrator for this book too so the two friends have put together a nice show. It is about doing the right thing in the right way i.e with minimal effort.

    So many times we want to get something done but we fail because we don’t possess the skill or we cannot work that hard in order to achieve the desired goal. This problem can be solved if we stop thinking that we have to do the thing on our own. We can hire a team of experts and if we have the skill to manage them then all we have to do is to watch as our goal comes to life.

    Who Not How

    Managing a team is not very easy because, in order to keep the team going in the right direction, the manager has to keep an eye on various things. Firstly the manager should develop such a scenario that not only his goal is being accomplished rather every member of the team is getting what he desires.

    This happens to be the best type of motivation that will keep everyone active and enthusiastic. Vision and mission are required for success and hard work is not the key to success all the time. The Gap and the Gain and The Laws of Lifetime Growth are out there waiting for your attention when you get this one done. Such books are motivational and also they provide a way to succeed in life.

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